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President Rodrigo Duterte trust rating or approval by Filipino people have gone up to 97% according to a survey conducted by News5.
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According to Raffy Tulfo and NiƱa Taduran who were both TV anchored of News5, the trust and approval rating of Filipino people to President Rodrigo Duterte has gone up to 97%.

The survey was conducted via text message to evaluate the trust rating of President Duterte and a total of 4, 000 people participated the said survey by using a text message to response in the survey.

Tulfo also said that even people who don’t vote for Duterte last May 2016 president elections turned out that they like the leadership of Duterte.

Raffy said that they are willing to give the list for those who don't believe in the survey.

"Sa mga gustong magtanong at mag-usisa, ibibigay po namin yung listahan, pwede ninyo pong ipa..bilangin ninyo, kuha kayo ng konting proof, na para bilangin kung consistent ba yung ginawa naming pag count ng mga texters."

Source: Philnews

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  1. The survey is an inventory of 4000 opinions. Of that 4000 opinions 97 percent trust DU30 and only 3 percent do not trust DU30 . The result could not be extrapolated to the whole population of the Philippines since the sampling process is defective. It is a purposive covenience slice of the population and not a sample that has been derived by random sampling. News releases like this would be viewed as propaganda and would give a wrong impression about mobile phone surveys that are doing robust random sampling. Raffy Tulfo and Nina Taduran should explicitly state that their survey is just an inventory of opinions from 4000 cell phone holders and not applicable at any level of confidence and margin of error to the whole population of the Philippines. For statistically valid nationwide cell phone surveys pls go to or the facebook page Surveyngbayan


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